Musicians and branding

  • May 16, 2019

Your brand gets stronger the more often and more consistently it is repeated across all channels

1. Be consistent across all channels

Your brand gets stronger the more often and more consistently it is repeated across all channels.
Including posters, T-shirts, albums, videos, photos, etc. When your brand and logo are recognizable, it’s yours. Consistency also means frequent outreach. Update your site regularly, log in to social media and engage your fans in creative ways. Create a blog to share thoughts, stories and photos, or start a mailing list and send out a newsletter once a month. Think of ways to give back to the community and be involved in a meaningful way.


2. Be active on social media

Use social media to promote your brand. Be active on social media and make your fans understand that you are here to stay and want to communicate. Build a relationship with your fans. If your band is your brand, your fans are your investors. Read their comments and feedback, reflect and build from there. Engage them by creating contests and asking questions about social media and giving them opportunities to get involved and join your team. Invite fans to share your social media posts or retweet/repost to win tickets. The more your posts are spread, the more people learn about you, your music and your brand without you being physically present.


3. Be unique and open to change

Be real but different. Examine your competition to create ideas and stay on the cutting edge. Find ways to differentiate yourself from other artists, and make sure your brand is related to your personal and current experiences. Use your knowledge and research to make your band unique, even if it means changing it once in a while. Get inspiration from artists such as Post Maloneand Lizzo that both have a succesful career because of the creative way they have branded themselves by not being afraid of being different and thinking outside the box.