WeBoost app

  • August 28, 2020

Client: KEA

Task: Design an app for social outdoor workout

Programs: XD, Photoshop and Illustrator

4 friends and I came up with a strong concept for en entrepreneurial project. We chose to design an outdoor workout app with the problem statement – “How can the use of an app make outdoor workout a more convenient and social part of a busy lifestyle?”. Meaning how to meet the needs of consumers who desire to workout in an outdoor environment while expanding their social network. By using the double diamond method which is discover, define, develop and deliver we came up with a business model and a creative solution to the problem. To find the solution we used analysis as Porters 5 forces, target group research (cultural probe kit & empathy map), SWOT, blue ocean strategy, value proposition and of course a lot of user testing. Because the task was not to develop the idea but to come up with a concept and a design for an app I made a video in XD to illustrate the user journey.