Huset-kbh & musik cafeen

Examples of my work at Huset-KBH


Value proposition canvas

To make sure that the business is not going to fail on delivering the customer’s expectations it is important to meet the customers needs. Through a value proposition canvas, I was able to find the fit between the consumers gains and pains and what Huset is capable of offering.


Trend canvas

A model to unpack and understand the consumer trend within learning new cultures, help in applying the trend to launch successful consumer facing innovations and identifying what’s attractive for the consumers.


Johnsons 6 questions

To sum-up my findings I often use a brand tool called Johnsons 6 questions. The questions are:
What do we do and how do we do it? Who are we here for? What makes us different? What do we value the most? Our ambition? What is our personality?

Zulu comedy festival promo
Jazz festival gårdhaven facebook promo
Volunteer presentation video
Posters for the music venue Musik Cafeen

Flyer to attract international volunteers