The Importance of a Strong Logo

  • May 2, 2019

The best logo design is simple, straightforward, recognizable and easy to understand

1. Recognizable and easy to understand


If people easily can recognize your logo, and understand what personality and style your band has,
it is an indication that your logo is good. Most logos that are easy to remember have a very simple design.
Think of really famous logos and notice how simple they actually are – McDonalds, National Geographic, Nike.
The best logo designs are simple and straightforward.

2. Effective without color


Is your logo appealing to color blind people? Is your logo still effective if it’s in black and white?
If the other elements of your design are unrecognizable without colors, a new shape must be chosen.
The shape matters more than color. Focus on the shape before experimenting with color.

3. Efficient in smaller format


Again, the simpler the better. If you have too many elements at once, the logo will be unrecognizable when scaled down.
Always customize your logo so that it’s clear on both web and print. Example If you need to apply your logo
on a business card, the logo and its elements must be easy to both spot and understand.