About Me

Let me introduce myself

I am originally from Denmark, but I now live in Los Angeles, CA. I am a brand and multimedia designer with a bachelor degree from KEA (School of Design and Technology) in Copenhagen. I have tons of experience working with several different projects from creating music lyrics videos for a rock band to business and social media strategies for a kids webshop. I have always had a passion for using my creativity to produce content as well as create new or redo concepts, brands, campaigns, strategic solutions, PR, posters, logos, video, animation, motion graphic and building websites. I love to think outside the box and make new creative content. The last couple of years I have worked a lot with content for social media, videos/animation, business strategies and campaigns, as well as brand consulting to create brand awareness and recognition. Besides brand and multimedia design, I am a professional musician and got my AA degree from Musicians Institute in Hollywood, California, college of contemporary music. I love using my skills and knowledge from my experience within music and branding/ multimedia to help other people that are working in the entertainment business. I have helped several musicians and bands with everything from logos and websites to music and lyric videos. I work with most of the Adobe programs.

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