Vivify – Animated Paintings
  • May 28, 2021

I am the owner of this company

Task: Create animated music videos

Programs: Adobe program

I was promoting an artist and her paintings and came up with an idea of animating them. I had amazing response and that’s when I decided to start this company. Through collaborations with artists and galleries Vivify brings the artists vision to life with animations. Fine art, true to the painters style and authenticity, is enhanced with sensitive and creative animations, music and sound effects. Vivify uses a mix of innovative digital methodology and real life paintings to show the artists vision and create a unique experience for the audience –

Musician promos
  • January 28, 2021

Client: Tom Asvold

Task: Short promo video for a LA drummer

Programs: Premiere Pro & After Effects

I made two videos to promote the clients musicians career. The client wanted two videos in two different styles.

The last 10 years I have been doing a lot of promo videos for musicians. I built my promo videos with close contact with the client and using an approach called AIDA. A (attention): I try to make attractive videos that will catch the audience eyes, especially the first 3 seconds should catch the audience attention. I (interest): Making an exciting and interesting video to make the audience watch the whole video. D (desire): Making the audience wanting to move futher. Could be clicking on a link. A (action): actually clicking on the link. The link doesn’t always have to be in the video. Can example be in the faebook description.

Branding consultant
  • October 20, 2020

Client: Pictoboards

Task: Branding consultant and content designer

Programs: Photoshop, Premiere pro, Illustrator, Indesign, After Effects, Audition & WordPress

For the last couple of years I have been a branding consultant and content designer for a startup called Pictoboards that are making motivation boards for kids. I have been creating brand awareness and recognition, worked on their brand personality and communication and helped finishing their brand toolkit. I have worked with video and animation, marketing kits, social media content and strategies, business strategies, banners, posters, stickers, flyers, photography, online campaigns and analysis of the market, competitors and target group.

Commercial – A Taste of California
  • October 20, 2020

Task: Make the audience wanting to buy a Strawberry Daiquiri to taste a bit of California. A feeling of being at the CA beaches while drinking the cocktail

Programs: Premiere Pro & After Effects

I wanted a video to demonstrate my expertise in filming and editing skills. So I made a fun little commercial from Venice and Santa Monica beach. When drinking a Strawberry Daiquiri I always think about the beaches in California, and I wanted the audience to taste a bit of California while drinking the cocktail.

I filmed the commercial with my DJI Osmo Pocket and edited it in After Effects and Premiere Pro. I filmed while rollerblading from Santa Monica to Venice for a better timelapse effect. In editing I worked a lot with Lumetri color, time remapping, transitions and 3d text animation.

  • September 16, 2020


Branding consultant and content designer


I joined Pictoboards in the end of post production. Meaning they already made the visual identity (icons and illustrations) and webshop but needed a business strategy as well as finding out how to create brand awareness. My first task was to make a very detailed report with internal and external analysis about Pictoboards and the market . All of the research and analysis was leading to a creative brief which was used as the foundation of a marketing campaign. Before delivering the final campaign I made a presentation for the CEO of Pictoboards.
Click here to see the presentation.


Blue ocean strategy

We needed to identify what resources Pictoboards have to differentiate themselves from their competitors which is why we used a Blue Ocean Strategy Canvas comparing Pictoboards to its direct competitors.
We discovered that Pictoboards have a strong visual brand identity and a quality product and differentiate themself from the competitors by using a motivating and child-friendly design as well as focusing on kids without a diagnosis. But they were lacking in creating trust and awareness.



From the value proposition canvas we were able to find a sweet spot between what Pictoboards is capable of offering and what the target audience needs.
The consumer wants a product that can structure their kids daily routines, help their kids get more self esteem, self discipline and independent responsibility as well as more quality time together as a family without many conflicts.
Pictoboards wants to offer a product that focuses on motivating kids and giving them more self esteem and self discipline as well as more time for the family to be together with less conflicts.


Brand Identity prism

The Brand Identity Prism is a way for a brand to identify and transmit a precise imagery and a personal way of communicating with its target. The Brand Identity Prism helped us to sum up the internal analysis and to know how to present the brand in the campaign both looking at the communication and visuals.
As the company was still in post production we conducted a Brand Identity Prism with the CEOs view of her brand. After working with this company for over 2 years now I can say that their current identity fits the brand prism that I made in post production.

THe campaign site including campaign video

Scroll inside the iframe to see the whole site

Check out more online and offline content I have made for Pictoboards

Rebecca’s experiences with BIMO

I wanted a kids perspective of the product as it’s the kids that are using the product.
I chose Rebecca because she has a lot of charisma and with her 8 years old she fits right into the target group.
Her parents are busy and was looking to find more structure in their everyday life.

Campaign video

This is the video to create attention to the campaign site mentioned in the top.
As the campaign was built around conflicts and quality I wanted kids to talk about their view of these
subjects. I wanted to use an emotional selling point to make the parents feel
warm and happy looking at the the sweet and cute kids but also a
certain concern of how much the kids actually pay attention.

Interview with the CEO of Pictoboards introducing the Time Timer

Animation video for Christmas

Facebook and Instagram video (video in other format for Instagram) for a christmas ad.
When creating these videos for social media I am charge of everything from creating the concept,
communication, creating the videos and finded the best wat to target the right audiende.
This specific video is targeted busy families during christmas time who just want a less stressful and more joyful christmas.

Animated introduction video to BIMO and Pictoboards

I needed to find a way to present Pictoboards product to the target group. I made an animation video
that in a very simple way shows how BIMO (Pictoboards motivational board) works.
I also made a couple of videos of the CEO talking about Pictoboards and its products.

Online and offline posters, social media content, flyer and ads


I have also worked a bit on their main website as well as creating an international landingpage. &


I am now in charge of Pictoboards Instagram. Creating content that is engaging the audience, building and promoting
our instagram shop, schedule posts for at least 3-5 times a week and building the wall in a way that is attracting
to the target groups eyes and making sure that Pictoboards brand image and identitet is easy to spot.
Every month I make a mockup of what and how we to post to Instagram for the month. Doing a mockup makes it easier to
make the wall look visually attracted as well as getting a better overview of the content added for the month.
I like to make themes for every 3rd pictures making a page that is connected and had visually attracted themes for every single week.
The colors are very important and on Instagram we are using a lighter blue compared to Facebook and the websites where we are using a darker blue.
This is because we don’t want the Instagram profile to look too corporate and want a place to really engage with the audience and a use
a less corporate communication.

Graphic design work examples
  • September 11, 2020

Huset-KBH & Musik Cafeen
  • September 8, 2020

Huset-kbh & musik cafeen

Examples of my work at Huset-KBH


Value proposition canvas

To make sure that the business is not going to fail on delivering the customer’s expectations it is important to meet the customers needs. Through a value proposition canvas, I was able to find the fit between the consumers gains and pains and what Huset is capable of offering.


Trend canvas

A model to unpack and understand the consumer trend within learning new cultures, help in applying the trend to launch successful consumer facing innovations and identifying what’s attractive for the consumers.


Johnsons 6 questions

To sum-up my findings I often use a brand tool called Johnsons 6 questions. The questions are:
What do we do and how do we do it? Who are we here for? What makes us different? What do we value the most? Our ambition? What is our personality?


Zulu comedy festival promo

Jazz festival gårdhaven facebook promo

Volunteer presentation video

Posters for the music venue Musik Cafeen

Flyer to attract international volunteers

Huset-KBH (Copenhagen)
  • September 8, 2020

Client: Huset-KBH

Task: PR strategies and brand awareness through creative content

Programs: Photoshop, Premiere pro, Illustrator, After Effects & Mailchimp

I did an internship at Huset-KBH working in the PR department of Copenhagen municipality creating more brand awareness and recognition to Huset and Musik cafeen (their music venue). I worked on many different assignments from creating posters and flyers to producing both video and animation for different events including Copenhagen jazz festival and Zulu comedy festival. I also worked with the monthly newsletter and came up with new innovative ways to gain more volunteers by making a market definition model, target group analysis, trend canvas, value proposition canvas, as well as key insights through quantitative and qualitative analysis.

Partnerships and Blue economy
  • September 3, 2020

Client: Plastic Change (danish environmental organization)

Task: This task had 3 goals. Attract more partnerships, work
more strategically with commercial partners and help them unfold the
economic and environmental potential by working with Blue economy

Programs: Photoshop, illustrator & WIX

The first challenge was to attract new partnerships. I built my solution around something I called 6 success factors. 6 reasons why your company should partner with Plastic Change and adopt a sustainable business strategy.

I built a media/ marketing kit including a Plastic Change certification (small sticker) for companies to show that they are helping to reduce plastic pollution, information about how your company can reduce plastic pollution, a sustainability game, 30 day challenge and a website/ partnersite:
Link to the presentation including the rest of the marketing kit:

Logo idents
  • September 1, 2020

Client: Various clients and projects

Task: Logo idents for videos

Programs: Illustrator & After Effects

I have made many logo idents throughout my career. They are small animations made to give life/ make the logo more interesting. Usually used in the beginning or end of videos. This a reel of some of the idents I have made.